Sheikh Waqas, a budding leader of former dictators abandoned like-minded party called PML-Q, was naively agitating over absence of Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh who was actually busy handling a more important personality in the Federal Capital. Had it been in knowledge of poor Waqas that the US Ambassador, Richard Holbrooke, who actually matters much more than the Parliament in Pakistans real politick, was in the town, he would have refined his criticism against the Government itself undermining the supremacy of Parliament. No wonder, after knowing about the Finance Ministers preoccupations, if he might have appreciated his cast fellow doing this great job convincing high profile American to pay more to help Pakistan. The PML-Q members anxiety was not totally uncalled for, as when he got the floor to speak on the Senates recommendations there were not more than a dozen members of the treasury present in the National Assembly. His independence as an opposition member was also exposed when he twice threatened to point out lack of quorum but could not. Perhaps his Parliamentary Leader sitting in front of him had signalled him not to do so as per the understanding in the House Business Advisory Committee. If he is so obedient of his leadership, why he was complaining about the Finance Minister who preferred to attend the leaders that matter including President and the Americans over run of the mill Parliamentary process. The American influence in over power politics remained so overwhelming throughout history of Pakistan that now a teenager would answer this question of preference that you would prefer Uncle Sam than so-called supreme Parliament. Taking names of leading English newspapers including TheNation, Waqat, he said that he would look up to them in the morning to know that which one of the Senate recommendations was incorporated by the Government. Again, had he gone through TheNation of June 19, he would have known that the Government had already decided to reject all those recommendations that were having revenue impact. Saturdays engagements of Finance Minister not only proved Waqas Akram Sheikh as nanve but also elaborated that who is setting priorities for Pakistans economy management; the supreme Parliament, all-powerful, only to say, Prime Minister Gilani or the US guided Presidency.