AMBER IJAZ, FAIZA FATIMA & RABIA IMTIAZ LAHORE - The craze of music is rapidly growing in our society, especially among the youngsters due to the influx of number of private TV channels, FM radios and the introduction of latest technology like mobile phones, MP-3 and MP-4. New trends in Pakistani music have special attraction for music lovers across the world, thses were the views of the youngsters according to a special survey report conducted under the auspicious of The Nation here on Saturday. Record numbers of songs CDs of young singers and mobile phones having software supporting song system and movies clips were sold during the couple of recent months in the provincial metropolis. No doubt, the fusion of traditional and pop music has linked the new generation with old music. Every age group loves music but it mostly attracts young generation, changing trends are good especially combination of folk and pop music gives soothing effects. According to survey music lovers are of the view that Pakistani singers and music players have entirely changed the typical form of old music, adopting different musical trends. They said now-a-days, Pakistani singers and composers are making successful efforts in inventing a new combination of traditional music with other music types. Ayesha Iftikhar, a student of Lahore College for Women University, said the new trends of music attract us because we always want something different and new. Our national singers are trying their best to bring the Ghazal and Pop to greater heights and their efforts meet the international demands, she added. Hira Jabeen, a student of Hajveri University was of the view that people accept new and changed music from composers, adding now classical, soft, blue (sad and soft music), pop genres have everlasting impact. Noreen Anwar, a B.Com student of Hailey College said, I agree with that new music have strong attraction but it is not long lasting old music consist of good and powerful lyrics that music is expanding beyond limits, which is good. Sobia Jabeen, a medical student of King Edward Medical College, remarked old music was impressive as its poetry was meaningful but now it is all about making glamorous videos and in Lollywood the usage of offensive words in poetry is awful. Ali Usman, CDs shopkeeper at The Mall, said almost 900 CDs have been sold in fist 19 days of the recent month compared to 500 in last month. Youngsters wish to enjoy new voices, like Farhat, Jawad, Rabi Peerzada and other promising singers, he added. Reply to a query, Ali said the ratio of CDs sale has immensely increased regardless the terror prevailing in the society. He said the colleges and varsities students have purchased at least 15,000 CDs of songs during the last three months from 11 shops located at The Mall. In order to seek expert opinion, when contacted Humaira Arshad, a renowned Pakistani singer, said people follow new tones, versatility, incorporation of new musical techniques and introduction of new instruments. She said this trend was also helpful in grooming our music industry. Humaira, however, said the very fact that Pakistani artists and musical bands must be introduced in international market and show their contribution in popularising the soft image of Pakistan.