OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Pakistan Masiha Millat Party on Sunday observed Cleanliness and Basic Rights Restoration Day and later a protest was also staged against SWM and WASA for not cleaning Christian areas of city and not providing clean water to the Christians, especially the residents of Chiragh Park Band Road, Kasurpura (UC-67). According to a press release issued on Sunday, Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra addressed the protesters that Christian residential areas are being ignored by the SWM regarding basic rights as these areas in city are presenting a look of 'filth depots causing generation of diseases for the residents. He said that streets are worn, untidy and filled with garbage as well, owing to the unavailability of sanitary workers. Demanding acceptance of the demands by authorities concerned, Aslam said that WASA remains unable so for to provide clean water to Christian residential areas as they are paying tax like others. He pinpointed that sanitary workers are still working on temporary basis for last 20 years as they have also become victim of hepatitis, Tuberculoses and other such diseases. He said that the Party would continue its protest till the acceptance of the abovementioned demands.