Deputy Secretary General of Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) and head of Implementation Commission of 18th Amendment Senator Mian Raza Rabbani stated that the task of devolution undertaken under the guidance of Party Leadership shall be completed by 30th June. On the birthday ceremony of Benazir Bhutto, Deputy Secretary General of PPP Raza Rabbani expressed 18th Amendment the real portrayal of Benazir Bhuttos political and constitutional vision. The party reaffirms its commitment to provincial autonomy and the process of devolution of ministries to the provinces undertaken after the 18th Amendment. He added party is united to face the internal and external challenges and members of PPP must reaffirm their commitment to the politics of principles. PPP always remained intact with the principles in politics and Benazir Bhutto gave her life for principles. He further added PPP is the party of working class, poor and ground trodden citizens which is trying to break the status quo and usher an era of economic well being for the people of Pakistan.