India and Pakistan are set to review nuclear-related confidence-building measures at the Foreign Secretary-level talks, scheduled for June 23 and 24 in Islamabad, reported Indian daily The Hindu on Monday. Though both sides do not expect major results and disagree on Kashmir and terrorism, sources in the government repose faith in a sustained dialogue process to narrow the trust deficit and build an understanding to resolve issues of discord. India wants expectations from the talks "realistic," given the history and complexity of the ties. "Dialogue is a process. We should not expect a decision. We should go step by step," the report quoted unnamed official sources as saying. On the recent face-off between warships of the two countries clouding the talks, the sources cautioned against whipping up frenzy, though they claimed that Pakistani warships had displayed aggressive behavior in the past too. "There is so much to discuss. Let us put it behind us," the sources said. The officials also suggested that the incident "act as a catalyst for both sides to revive a proposal" on enhancing the confidence-building measures at sea. India last Saturday dismissed as "totally baseless" Pakistani allegations that its naval vessel was obstructed by an Indian warship in the Gulf of Aden while escorting a merchant carrier that had been freed by Somali pirates. India and Pakistan resumed talks at foreign secretary level one year ago after suspending all talks in the wake of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.