LAHORE - Prominent artist, social worker and peace activist Jimmy Engineer has said that he would be organizing more Fun, Food and Awareness Programmes for the Special Children in Lahore and other parts of the country. Talking to the media people, he said that besides Lahore, he will also be organizing these popular programmes in other parts of the country also in due course of time in order to entertain the Special Children there as well. He said that physically handicapped, mentally retarded, deaf and dumb children are living in good numbers elsewhere in the country also besides Lahore and Karachi and they also need to be entertained with lot of good food, fun in Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta and elsewhere where they are getting education and training in the Special Education Institutions and Training Centres in the public and private sectors. Jimmy Engineer said that he has so far organized more than 90 Fun, Food and Awareness Programmes for physically handicapped, mentally retarded, deaf and dumb children so far in Karachi and about half a dozen each in Lahore as well as in Sri Lanka. He said that now he plans to expand the programme to other parts of the country for the benefit of greater number of the special children. He said for this purpose, he would soon be visiting Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta to explore the possibilities in this regard after the educational institutions for the Special Children reopen in these cities after current summer vacations. He said that providing healthy entertainment and creating awareness about the Special Children in the society at large is his mission in the life and the welfare and well-being of the physically handicapped and mentally retarded children is very near and dear to his heart. Jimmy Engineer said that by profession he is an artist who enjoys international reputation and fame with the blessings of Almighty Allah and he is a social worker by commitment and has dedicated his life for bringing smiles on the faces of the Special Children by taking them to the posh hotels, clubs and restaurants where they are served good food, entertained with music and other interesting items and they enjoy being away from the four walls of their special education and training institutions for couple of hours. He said in response to a query, that he is very happy to see that awareness among the parents of the special children in particular and the society at large in general is gradually growing and people have started realizing that the Special Children need special attention, care and love more than anything else. Responding to queries about exhibiting his art work, Jimmy Engineer said that he had displayed his major selected art work in Lahore in May/June last year and also displayed in other parts of the country as well as abroad from time to time. He said that since his famous Pakistan Movement series paintings, recently completed large number of architectural compositions and other art work carry very high prices, more than the art work of any other Pakistani artist, in the international market as such canvass prints of his selected art work have been displayed within the country and abroad so far. Continuing, Jimmy Engineer said that in view of persistent demand of the art lovers for quite some time, he is planning to exhibithis selected art work either in Islamabad or in Lahore on a limited scale. He said this will be done only after ensuring that security, transportation and other risks involved are duly taken care by the official and other quarters concerned.