LAHORE (APP) - The Kissan Board Pakistan (KBP) has demanded the government to withdraw the decision of imposing general sales tax (GST) on agriculture inputs. According to a press release issued here Sunday,Kissan Board Pakistan President Sardar Zafar Hussain said that agriculture was the backbone of Pakistans economy and out of exports of Rs 20 billion, Rs 13 billion were eraned from the agriculture sector. He said that according to an estimate Rs 350 billion were spent on agriculture inputs which included fertilisers, seeds, pesticides, equipment and tractors. He said that if the sales tax was imposed on agriculture inputs it would increase expenses upto Rs 60 billion annually. Small farmers who have less than 12 acre land will suffer badly and utilisation of agriculture inputs would be reduced which could affect productivity, he added. He said that low productivity would lead to shortage of food items and price hike. We want Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) reformed its system of tax collection and tax evasion should be stopped, he added. He said the government should provide all incentives to the agriculture sector that are being given to traders and industrialists in the form of loans and insurance. He said that imposition of general sales tax and withdrawing of Rs 229 billion subsidy would overburden farmers heavily.