LAHORE - Abundance of sunshine, lack of winds and rains in the City on Sunday caused increase in the mercury level, ending respite given to the Lahorites by the first significant pre monsoon rains. At noon and in the afternoon, high temperature and humidity made the weather muggy, causing the Lahorites to sweat. Frequent outages due to increase in electricity shortfall added to the woes and miseries of heat-stricken Lahorites. Harsh weather conditions forced the Lahorites to avoid unnecessarily coming out on roads, causing considerable decrease in traffic on otherwise busy City arteries at noon and in the afternoon. Lahore canal, as usual, attracted a large number of people including women and children. Not only youths, but also elderly people were seen beating the heat by taking a bath in the canal water. At some places, even women were seen taking a dip in the mud coloured water. On Sunday, maximum and minimum temperature in the City was recorded 37 degree Celsius and 25.5 C respectively. Relative humidity in the morning was recorded 75 per cent which decreased to 61 per cent in the evening. According to the experts, Saturdays deep depression over West Bengal has moved westwards.