Our Staff Reporter KHAN GAHR - Call it apathy or indifference on party of the Multan Electricity Supply Company (Mepco) that it has failed to post Sub-Divisional rank officers (SDO) here in Khan Garh as the posts of SDOs have been lying vacant since long. The absence SDO rank officers has been adding to the plight and difficulties of the local people who have already been grappling with multiple problems. It is to be noted that the Mepco authorities have been facing shortage of SDO rank officers, especially in Muzaffargarh circle where seven posts of SDOs have been lying vacant for the last quite sometime. The local people are unable to approach appropriate person to get their problems addressed. Currently, Mepco Sub-Divsion Kiror Lal Esun, Fatehpur, Khan Garh, Khanirpur Sadat and a number of other Sub-Divisions have been run by Line Superintendents who are working as Sub-Divisional officers. They have limited powers due to they remain unable to solve or get solved the problems being faced by the consumers. While on the other hand, the consumers have to run from pillar to the post but find no place where they could be heard. The local social, religious and political circles have demanded the Mepco to address the issue on war-footing and take remedial steps to provide relief to the consumers.