UN refugee agency's report reveals majority of forcibly displaced people are in countries that cannot cope with the influx and Pakistan leads the rankings with 1.9 million people. The UNHCR's 2010 trends report estimated that there were 43.7 million refugees and people displaced within their country by events such as war and natural disasters at the end of last year. More than half of the total are children. The figure does not take into account the new wave of migration set in train by the upheaval of the Arab spring. The report said developing countries host 80% of the world's refugee population. Pakistan leads the rankings with 1.9 million people, followed by Iran and Syria, who host more than a million. Germany is fourth with 600,000 with the UK coming in tenth with 238,000 registered refugees, 26,000 fewer than the US in 9th place. The report adds that due to 30 years of almost continuous war, Afghanistan is still the leading country of origin for refugees.