ISLAMABAD In the latest flare-up along the Pakistan-Afghan border, Pak Army has driven a group of militants from a stronghold in tribal areas into eastern Afghanistan. An army statement said on Sunday it had launched an air and ground assault against a militant stronghold in Mohmand Agency and killed 25, while the rest fled across the border. According to ISPR, a joint operation of Pakistan Army/FC KPK/PAF launched on Saturday to evict terrorists stronghold of Walidad in Mohmand Agency left 25 insurgents dead, while four soldiers embraced shahadat and 8 others were injured. It said the ground operation was preceded with precise strikes by PAF aircrafts on terrorists bunkers and positions on Walidad Top. After an intense fight, troops were able to secure Walidad Top and surrounding areas of the mountain and managed to kill 25 terrorists, while remaining fled across the border. Presently troops are consolidating their positions in the area and search operation for remnants is in progress. The operation also had full support of people of Mohmand Agency, who expressed great satisfaction and happiness on the successful operation and reiterated their resolve to keep supporting security forces in their effort to defeat terrorists in the area. Agencies add: Local officials earlier said three soldiers were killed and at least 13 wounded when dozens of Taliban stormed a check post in the region near the Afghan border. The pre-dawn attack was mounted in Baizai village of Mohmand facing the eastern Afghan province of Kunar, local administration chief Maqsood Hussain told AFP. The militants, believed to be more than 50 and armed with light and heavy weapons, launched an attack on Walidad Kor post, triggering a gunfight that lasted about an hour, he said. Three soldiers of the paramilitary Frontier Corps were killed and at least 13 wounded, he said adding that four militants were killed and an unspecified number wounded. Mohmand lies opposite the Korengal Valley, from where the United States pulled back its troops in 2010 after deciding to concentrate its forces in population centres in southern Afghanistan, the heartland of the Taliban. Pakistan complained the withdrawal of US troops from Kunar province opened up safe havens for militants and left it vulnerable to counter-attack after it drove them out of its own tribal areas. It was a thickly forested and mountainous area, a paramilitary officer told Reuters. Whenever we launched operations, militants fled to Afghanistan and then returned and based in the area. The Pakistani complaints mirror those made by US officials who say fighting in Afghanistan is undercut by militant sanctuaries in Pakistan. It is impossible to obtain independent verification of military activity in the remote border areas. The latest operation, launched on Saturday, was carried out in the same area where Pakistan on Friday complained that Nato aircraft had attacked one of its military posts after intruding 2.5 km inside Pakistani territory. Pakistan expressed serious concern to the United States over the intrusion. Local officials said a few bombs were dropped but no casualties were reported. Almost all of the militant leaders wanted in Pakistan are hiding across the border and they keep sending fighters here to attack our forces and villagers, a senior military official told Reuters. Last week Pakistani officials said six civilians were killed in a cross-border raid on three villages in Bajaur Agency to the north of Mohmand, the second such incursion this month. On Friday, the foreign ministry summoned the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad and lodged a protest over what it said was a cross-border attack by 100 to 150 militants.