OUR STAFF REPORTER NOORPUR THAL - Petrol have vanished from pumps in the city. Shortage of petrol has been adding to public woes while hoarders and profiteers have been fleecing people. About 80 per cent of the filling stations ran either dry or faced severe shortage of fuel. Many filling stations in the city remained closed and those which were opened had long lines of motorbikes and cars. The rest of the areas were either deprived of petrol supply or were being provided with meagre supply. Long queues of vehicles and motorcycles were seen waiting for hours at petrol pumps. The Assistant Commissioner Mehboob Ahmad has taken notice the situation and order the owners of the filling stations to start petrol supply to general public. Inspite of his orders the shortage of petrol is still faced by general public and transporters. The people of the city demanded the government to take steps to end the shortage of petrol and diesel. No compromise on national integrity: PPP city President Malik Ejaz Hussain Chandram said that the PPP govt will not compromise solidarity, integrity and respect for the country. the PPP will continue its struggle to solve the problems of the deprived masses, he announced. He was addressing a party workers meeting here on Saturday. He said that the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) had been launched in Tehsil Noorpur Thal. He emphasized the PPP workers to reorganize all the party units in every block of the city. Senior PPP workers including Dr Akhtar Hussain Thaeem, Sheikh Gull Muhammad, Syed Shoqat Hussain and other also addressed the gathering.