ISLAMABAD - PML-N Spokesman Ahsan Iqbal, MNA, Sunday expressed his shock over allegations of PPP Senator Babar Awan that PML-N was supporting cut in the defence budget. In a press statement he said, It is quite amusing that Awan who was until recently minister for parliamentary affairs isnt aware of parliamentary practices. Cut motion during budget debate is an instrument for discussing policies and performance of ministries through proposing a token Rs 1 cut. PML-N demands greater transparency in the defence budget because the nation sacrifices many critical priorities for financing the defence budget. At the moment Rs 1,000 billion is going towards debt servicing and retirement and Rs 800 billion on security related expenditure, which consumes full tax collection money. The cost of running federal government and development budget would have to be met out of borrowing. This position is not healthy by any means therefore it is essential that for every rupee spent in public sector whether in civil or military, there should be absolute transparency and accountability to ensure greater value for money, he added. Pakistan faces extraordinary security situation and to meet these challenges necessary resources have to be provided but we cant afford huge military budgets without having a coherent national security strategy, which also includes economic, social, political, and diplomatic dimensions. PMLN respects national security institutions and wants to see them equipped with professional excellence and limited to the role outlined in our constitution. The jawans and officers committed to safeguarding the sovereignty of the country are our pride. Politicisation of security institutions in the past hurt both military and country badly and adversely impacted its morale. It is unfortunate that PPP has assumed the role of Q League of trying to appease military with more loyal than the king approach, he said. He further said, The statement of General Musharraf that Nawaz Sharif sold Kashmir in Lahore Declaration is a joke as anyone can download Lahore Declaration text and read for himself that Kashmir issue was recognised as core outstanding issue to be resolved through dialogue. General Musharrafs misadventure in Kargil hurt Kashmir adversely by swaying world opinion towards Indian side over Kashmir and General Musharraf was responsible for destroying the goodwill that existed for indigenous Kashmiri movement with Kargil intervention. His Islamabad declaration was a disgrace for Pakistan. He is a fugitive and instead of making statements from abroad, he must return to country and appear before the courts to face charges for the crimes he committed against his people, he concluded.