LAHORE/MUZAFFARABAD (INP) - The PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has pledged that his party would rid Azad Kashmir of military democracy and empower the people. The former prime minister, who begins a whirlwind election campaign of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz today (Monday) for the June 26 general elections in Azad Kashmir said in a special interview that PML-N would establish an exemplary democracy in the state by providing the people their due rights, justice, development and prosperity. The PML-N AJK would restore peoples right to rule, end corruption and plundering and establish good governance, he said. Nawaz said attempt to rig the elections would be defeated with the might of the masses. Political analysts are of the opinion that the election campaign by Nawaz Sharif would bring a revolutionary change in the political scene of Azad Kashmir. They said that emotions are high in the state and workers of the party are putting extra efforts to ensure that the public meetings to be addressed by Nawaz Sharif were largely attended. The PML-N is entering the election arena in Azad Kashmir for the first time and it would like to emerge as victorious as Mian Nawaz Sharif enjoys vast following in the territory for his unwavering support to the freedom struggle. The PML-N has chalked out a comprehensive election manifesto by addressing the key concerns of the Kashmiri people. The party has committed to improve law and order and establishment of a just system in collaboration with the administration and the civil society. For effective and transparent accountability, the party has pledged to establish the Accountability Commissioner Office through the judicial commission. The accountability law would equally apply to the president, the prime minister, members of the legislative assembly and civil servants. The PML-N AJK has entered into election alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami AJK and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Party, which have pocket yet strong support in different constituencies. The PML-N Quaid would be addressing election meetings at Bhimber, Islamgarh and Dhudyal on Monday. He is expected to receive a rousing welcome in Mirpur. On Tuesday the PML-N chief would first held a public meeting in Bagh and then in Chinari, and on Thursday in Rawalakot. Another important election meeting of Nawaz Sharif will be at Patehka on Friday. Enthusiastic workers and contesting candidates of the party have already displayed welcoming banners in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad.