PESHAWAR In the wake of tragic incident of Khyber Super Market Peshawar, cantonment police have launched a search operation to collect the relevant data of those residing in various residential flats. Police were assigned the task in the early morning of Sunday to launch a flat-to-flat search operation and collect the relevant data. A large number of police personnel has been deployed in Khyber Super Market Peshawar to net suspected persons and collect the required information from those, who are permanently and temporarily residing there. Police were asking the people regarding their fraternal villages and their profession based in Peshawar. Police also asking about National Identity card number and domicile. Several suspected persons also were arrested and later were shifted Gulbarg police station for detail interrogation. Meanwhile, fear still gripped the entire Khyber Super Market, as main restaurants including Ghareeb Hotel, Mehran Hotel and Lala Hotel remained closed for eighth consecutive day after the suicide blast. Many students have shifted to other parts of the city while those who are doing jobs at various organisations are searching alternate residential areas. Police are patrolling the entire area to keep check on miscreant elements. They are also searching passenger buses coming from Bara and Karkhano area. It is worth mentioning here that after the suicide blast in Khyber Super Market, Peshawar, the owner of Lala Hotel completely closed his business while other property dealers and businessmen also shifted their business to other parts of the city. Online adds: Peshawar Police has arrested several suspicious people from Khyber Market, Bachelors Hostels and adjoining plazas during search operation.