LAHORE - A post-budget seminar organised by Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab at Hamdard Centre on Sunday rejected both federal and Punjab budgets, terming it anti-people and having no plan for the prosperity of the general public. Speakers at the seminar alleged that the corruption and commission mafia in the government were least concerned with the problems of the masses. The speakers said that raise in the prices of POL, electricity tariff and other utilities every month during the last two years had rendered the annual budget a mere formality. New direct and indirect taxes to the tune of one trillion had been levied in the budget while proposed relief was merely around a few billions. The post-budget seminar presided over by the Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Wasim Akhtar claimed that it was declared as a tax-free budget to hoodwink people but during the whole year taxes would be levied through presidential ordinances. Addressing the seminar, he said people should not pin hopes on the budget because the government was least concerned about misery of the common man. He demanded of the government to allocate at least 5 percent of the budget for education to elimination illiteracy. The speakers also demanded that all the money deposited abroad should be brought back. They called upon the elected representatives of the people to give up luxuries and live in small houses to set an example. The seminar demanded that Islamic economic system should be adopted in the country. They said that the policies of the government are repelling the investment and indirectly supporting flight of capital at a time when it is badly needed at home. They said that some controversial taxes help governments earn some additional funds but it cost country a lot in shape of billions flowing outward.