OUR STAFF REPORTER MAILSI - Young drug addiction is increasing day by day mainly due to unemployment, speakers a seminar said. A seminar titled 'Anti-Narcotics and Our Role was organised by Young Man Society, Mailsi and other non-governmental organisations. After the seminar a play entitled 'Poison in Vein was also performed on the eve of World Narcotics Day. Mr Nadeem Khan, a poet, said that when the drug pusher use needle for injection. they inject HIV, cancer and other fatal diseases. The vice chaiman of Banul Mazahib, Jhangeer Hshmi, said that smoking is the gateway to illegal drug use. We must educate our young generations through seminars, workshops and plays about bad effects of smoking, he said. He was of the view, We should adopt good behave with drug users as they need our sympathy and they need love and care also. Sadiq Ali Mirza, the district coordinator of Anti-Narcotics Force, said, We are going to manage some committees at union council level and district administration will fully cooperate with us. We will finish drug sellers. He also mentioned that social organisation were doing full cooperation with them. He said that also women used drugs, adding that the ratio of drug users was increasing.