LAHORE- Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that petrol bomb has been dropped on Punjab, while a highly unjust attitude is being shown to Punjab with regard to supply of electricity, gas and petrol. Talking to reporters during his visit to the first Aashiyana Housing Scheme at Saroba Atari on Sunday, he said that a step-motherly treatment was being meted out to the province. Shahbaz said that people of Punjab had a national thinking and vote for political parties without any discrimination but despite this a totally unjust attitude to the people of Punjab was highly unfair. He said that an equitable policy should be adopted towards the people of the whole country and if the discriminatory attitude to Punjab was not changed, the 10 crore people of the province knew how to get their rights. Earlier, while talking to the families who have been allotted houses during his visit to the first Aashiyana Housing Scheme at Saroba Atari, the CM said that Aashiyana Housing Project was the realisation of the dreams of workers, orphans, widows and the poor which their forefathers had seen at the time of their migration to Pakistan. He said that rulers were under this debt for the last 63 years and credit went to PML-N which had repaid it through launching Aashiyana Housing Scheme. The allottees, present on the occasion, paid rich tributes to the Chief Minister for launching Aashiyana Housing Scheme for the low-income people. They said that though colonies had been set up for Ministers, judges, Generals and officers but it was for the first time that the Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif had initiated a modern housing project for the poor and thereby practically proved that he had a deep sympathy for the common man. Samiullah who has been allotted a house in Aashiyana Housing Scheme said that Aashiyana Housing Scheme was unique with regard to its standard and transparency. He said that his salary is Rs.14,000 and in view of his low-income he could not even imagine that he would have his own house where he would live with his family with complete peace of mind. He said that provision of houses to the poor in the present era of price-hike was a big favour of Punjab government. A teacher at Army Public School Muhammad Shoaib Ahmed said that the way Punjab Land Development Company had conducted transparent balloting in front of TV cameras for Aashiyana Housing Scheme was unprecedented. He said that though the political slogan of 'roti, kapra aur makan was raised by someone else but by providing houses to the poor PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif have proved that they believe in practical steps for the welfare of the poor rather than mere sloganeering. The joy of Muhammad Shoaib Ahmeds daughter was worth seeing who informed that she had come to see her house. A lady teacher Fareeha Hussain who is MSc. in Chemistry from Punjab University said that this scheme is a blessing for the white-collared people. She said that she has been allotted a house in the colony. She said that she has been teaching the children of the rich and it is her desire to impart knowledge to the poor children in Aashiyana Housing Scheme in future. The Chief Minister highly appreciated her spirit and said that a nation which had such teachers had a glorious future. Saeed Ahmed and his son Hafiz Arsalan said that their five members family was forced to live in a small and dark room and they are at a loss for words to describe their joy at seeing their new house. Hafiz Arsalan said that Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has the interest of the common man at heart and provision of houses to the poor is his big achievement. He said that he would invite the Chief Minister to tea at his new house. The Chief Minister advised the child to pay his full attention to his studies as it will be a matter of happiness for him. An electrician Muhammad Bashir who has also been given a house in the scheme said that it was a dream come true for him. In reply to a query of allottees, the Chief Minister said that they will not have to pay any additional amount for the verification of particulars and other matters. They informed that the members of the team which had verified the particulars refused to have even tea or soft drink saying that they were on duty. The allottees said that the scheme is unique with regard to transparency.