It could be a scene straight out the childrens book Wheres Wally? But you certainly wouldnt have much trouble finding him among this lot. Thousands of people took to the streets in outfits identical to the childrens book character in an attempt to break a Guiness World Record. The event was arranged by organisers of the Street Performance World Championships who think up weird and wonderful ways to break records. Last year they managed to organise the world record for the most people, 1,505, on space hoppers. This year they urged people to come dressed up in Wheres Wally outfits at three locations - Cork, Portlaoise and Dublin over two weekends. The campaign has obviously been successful because 3,657 people showed up at Merrion Square, Dublin, yesterday wearing striped white and red bobble hat with matching shirts and dark-rimmed glasses usually worn by Wheres Wally. The crowds jumped and cheered as they tried to break the record and they refused to let the bad weather dampen their spirits when it started to rain. Wheres Wally was created by British illustrator Martin Handford and the first book was published in 1987. The book consists of dozens of people in a certain situation and readers and tasked with trying to find Wally among the crowds. He is more commonly known as Wheres Waldo in America and Canada. DM