God has bestowed us with countless blessings. Fruits are one of those many blessings which we tend to underestimate, as their benefits are countless and their disadvantages virtually none. They are an excellent source of a variety of nutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals and fibers. Most of all, fruits like apple, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, watermelon, mango etc, constitute more than 80% water content. Summer is upon us It is essential to maintain a balanced level of fluids, sugar and minerals in our body during this season. Fruits unquestionably help us with this balancing act. To start with, fruits help us with our digestion; they are a natural laxative, which means that the fiber content of fruits help us get rid of waste. They are also rich in vitamins and especially vitamins A, C and E which are important anti-oxidants. These vitamins not only stimulate our immune system but also protect our bodies from the damage caused by free radicals. Scientists have discovered that phytochemicals, which bring give fruits their vibrant colors, are helpful in preventing cancer, cataracts, Alzheimers and heart disease. And because of these numerous benefits, one can easily conclude that fruits are among the healthiest foods a person can consume. While we are blessed with the availability of a huge variety of fruits throughout the year, heres a look at 6 fruits that will surely lead to good health, whether consumed as they are, or taken as juices. An apple a day keeps the doctor away Apples are quite popular among those who are health conscious. With 0% fat and only 80 calories per fruit, apples are rich in fiber, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, iron and phytochemicals. Scientists have discovered that people who eat 5 apples or more per week have lower respiratory problems, including asthma. Mango, the king of fruits. Mangoes, also known as apples of the tropics, are excellent sources of vitamin A, B6 and C. These summer delights are rich in flavonoids chemicals that are known for decreasing the occurrence of lung and oral cavity cancers. They also reduce the risk of kidney stone formation. Guava, youre lucky if you find a pink one Youre fortunate not only because of the rare occurrence, but also because of the fact that pink guavas are rich in lycopene, a chemical known for its protective action against cancer. But that doesnt mean lycopene is all that guavas have to offer. They are also rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A and C, folic acid, and minerals like potassium, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Orange, the largest citrus crop in the world. Yes, this abundant fruit also has ample amount of vitamin C in it. One orange provides us about 60% of recommended daily dietary allowance and helps us in developing resistance against diseases. The fiber in orange, scientifically known as pectin and commonly known as its pulp, helps in reducing blood cholesterol level as well as weight. So it is ideal for those who plan to go on a diet. Oranges also contain potassium, calcium, phytochemicals and B-complex vitamins. Say goodbye to insomnia with passion fruit Scientists have discovered that passion fruit helps in relieving asthma, anxiety, muscle tension, headaches, and insomnia. Apart from these benefits, passion fruits are good sources of vitamin A, C, iron, potassium and dietary fiber. And of passion?? Pineapple the tropical queen with a crown Pineapples have plenty of health benefits. Because of its nutrients like vitamin A, C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese pineapples are used to regulate thyroid gland and cure bronchitis. They are also helpful in treating arthritis, high-blood pressure and constipation. Studies have also found that pineapples protect against age-related eye problems. With the hectic lifestyle which most of us lead nowadays, people usually do not find time to consume a balanced diet, including 2 to 4 servings of fruits every day. Juices and cold beverages are excellent solutions to this, as they not only help us keep our bodies hydrated but also provide essential nutrients and energy. Imagine how great it would be to have the goodness of all these tropical fruits mentioned above in one go Crunchy apple, succulent mango, tasty guava, pulpy orange, sweet passion fruit and juicy pineapple - to have them all together would be no less than a treat However, some of them are seasonal fruits and are not available in the market throughout the year. An alternative solution is to consume readily available juices in the market.