A previously unpublished WikiLeaks cable has revealed that the US had made it clear to India that Washington was satisfied with measures taken by Islamabad to secure its nuclear weapons, and these measures had increased the US confidence in Pakistan. India had stressed that Pakistan's nuclear weapons were in danger of falling into the hands of terrorists. A cable was sent by US Ambassador in India, David Malford from New Delhi to Washington on 27, November 2009. The cable mentioned details of the strategic security dialogue held between Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao and Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Alan Tauscher. According to the cable, Nirupama Rao said that India was at risk from dangers stemming from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, India had to increase its nuclear capabilities in order to match the nuclear threats from Pakistan, the cable quoted Rao. Alan Tauscher assured the Indian foreign secretary that Pakistan had assured the US that its nuclear weapons are safe. The head of the National Nuclear Security Administration John Gerrad, who was also present during the dialogue, stressed that in recent talks between the US and Pakistan, Islamabad's measures to secure its nuclear weapons had increased Washington's confidence.