RAWALPINDI (APP) - The prices of vegetables in the weekly bazaars here have dropped considerably as supply of the commodities is up and also regular. According to an official of Rawal Town Administration, vegetable prices have come down at Sunday Bazaars amid adequate supplies. In comparison with open market, a decrease has been witnessed in the prices of mostly used vegetables. A shopkeeper at Choor Chowk Weekly Bazaar said that the present downward trend in prices of vegetables and fruits have enhanced the sale of some vegetables sharply. The rate list of different vegetables at weekly bazaars and fruit mandi issued by the authorities concerned on Sunday showed that several vegetables' prices are noticing downward trend as their rates were reduced considerably as compared to the last month's rates. Presently, onions are being sold at price between Rs 50-70 per five kilograms while potatoes at Rs 120-140 per five kg, 'Teenda' at Rs 20-25 per kg, ladyfinger at Rs 25-30 per kg, Tori at Rs 20-25 per kg, tomatoes between Rs 18-20 per kg, Kheera at Rs 20-22 per kg, green chilly Rs 40-45 per kg, Shimla Mirch at Rs 25-30 per kg and cauliflower at Rs 20-30. According to the rate lists of different fruits at Sunday bazaar, apple is available between Rs 160-175 per kg, apple (white) Rs 140-150 per kg, apple (china golden) Rs 160-170 per kg, Baanana Rs 40-60 a dozen. Mango Rs 60-65 per kg, Mango (Chonsa) Rs 60 per kg, Manago (Dosehri) Rs 50-60 per kg, Mango (Desi) Rs 40-45 per kg, Melon Rs 15-20 per kg, watermelon Rs 14-16 per kg, and cherry Rs 160-170 per kg. The chicken is being sold at Rs 125-127 per kg, Eggs at Rs 65-67 per dozen in the weekly bazaars. However, fruit and vegetable vendors at different places of the city are selling fruits and vegetables without displaying rate lists at their stalls to charge more from public. The consumers complain that the vendors are violating rate lists. An official of the concerned department told APP that the authorities check the prices on regular basis and they are also taking strict action in case of any malpractice.