Despite the ominous events at Karachi airport the PML-N leadership is not wholehearted in the attacks on the militants in FATA. While the army plans airstrikes to finish off the militants in FATA, the government keeps the door for parleys open. There is a tendency in some of the party leaders to find a scapegoat for the crimes committed by the terrorists. Shahidullah Shahid has owned the attack on Karachi Airport. Last year, Fazlullah had similarly claimed that his men had executed the blast that killed Maj Gen Sanaullah Niazi. The militant’s apologists, however, are intent on putting the responsibility of the former’s misdeeds on someone else. One can understand people like Hafiz Saeed blaming India, but what remains incomprehensible is that Chaudhary Nisar is of a similar mould. He first insisted that the attackers in Karachi seemed to be foreigners and then seemed to accept the common rumor of the Indian origin of the weapons in their possession, leaving little doubt about what he was hinting at. Operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ has started in North Waziristan, and according to ISPR, many terrorists have been killed. The reaction of terror groups is not ignorable, they will definitely attack in reaction to this operation. We should be prepared for a bloodbath.


Khanewal, June 18.