All twelve buses owned by former federal minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan’s NGO have been rusting under the nose of the Sialkot district administration.

A year ago, the district administration had confiscated these buses, meant for free public transportation, on the pretext of alleged misuse. Since then, these buses have been parked at the Police Lines Sialkot. Now these buses have been rusting away which were otherwise new at the time of confiscation by the district administration. The fate of these buses has not yet been decided as the matter was taken at the Lahore High Court (LHC) by Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, terming the confiscation of these buses illegal act by the Sialkot district administration and political victimization by the PML-N government, alleging that the PML-N had politicised this bus project.

Addressing a largely attended press conference at Sialkot Press Club Sialkot on September 5, 2013, Dr Firdous had revealed that it was totally a public welfare-oriented project and her NGO was providing free of cost transportation to the thousands of the girl students belonging to Bajwat and surrounding villages to reach their schools and college.

She had made it clear that the former government of the PPP had donated these 12 buses to her NGO namely “Shade” after completing all legal requirements and formalities.

She had alleged that the district administration of Sialkot had confiscated these buses almost a year ago without giving any receipt.

She strongly criticized the PML-N government for hatching revenging activities against her and she has pledged to continue here battle for rights of the people at every level.