Islamabad - Food security is important to ensure peace in the world. By adopting new technology we can lead the society towards peace and progress. Agriculture should be treated as industry instead of dealing it as just an occupation. More and more people particularly youth should be encouraged to adopt this field and farmers be given their due profit. Progress and prosperity can not be achieved unless we make agriculture profitable. Agricultural experts/scientists, policy makers and NGO activists work hard for the development of rural community through introducing of new agricultural practices and innovations.

This was stated by Dr Iftikhar Ahmad, Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), while addressing inaugural session of a two-day National Conference on “Building Communities - Cultivating Peace” here in a local hotel in Islamabad. The event was organized by Lok Sanjh Foundation to highlight the issues: sustainable agriculture and food security in changing climate; national agriculture and food policy: implications for food security and business; and poverty, food security and livelihood patterns in rural Pakistan: NGO’s perspective.

Dr Iftikhar Ahmad urged for adoption of Brazilian model of agriculture development to promote agriculture sector with special focus on small farmers. He said there is need of coordinated efforts at federal, provincial and district levels to introduce farmers’ friendly policies.  He also urged the need to bring a revolution in rural and far flung areas by utilizing new method of agricultural practices. He mentioned agriculture development in India, Afghanistan and Iran that have helped agriculture development of those countries by introducing farmers’ friendly policies.

He said our efforts can only be fruitful when new innovations reach small farmers door-steps. Change in the society can be made through adoption of new innovations.