Ahmedpur East -The dilapidated two-storey post office building has become a threat for both its employees and local consumers although the building was renovated with a cost of Rs5 million sometime ago.

Post Master’s residence situated at the upper storey of the building could collapse anytime which has forced Post Master Pervaiz Iqbal to avoid residence in the house along with his family. It is to be noted that the Post Master General South Punjab inspected the dilapidated post office building during his visit on May 26, 2014.

All the postmen also feel unsafe while performing their official duty. Citizens of Ahmedpur East have demanded of the federal government to take notice of this situation and initiate an inquiry against contractor who renovated the post office building and misappropriated millions of rupees. They have also urged Post Master General South Punjab to restart night postal service at Ahmedpur East which was closed in 2008.