Tayyaba Hamid

People in this era demand idle time, but it’s a fact that excessive idle time leads to anxiety (uneasiness, restless position).

It is primarily because people have no time to even think of themselves. They’re mostly engaged in their work or if they are free they think of others or use social media and spend no time for themselves.

People are pulled away from the real meaning of creativity. They never think of why they were created? Who created them? And this is the main cause of our society of today. Because we listen or follow the others and very few people have time or knowledge of Islam. Even people of this era have no time to sit with parents and siblings and talk to them, but they enjoy their own world of beauty.

Someday, beauty also seems to as ugly. Then one day when people think of their achievements throughout life they get worried.

Chasing things one after the other creates anxiety. Because rest, peace, love, care, beauty etc is only in one thing that is love with the Almighty. And people don’t realize it.

Mental stress leads people to many problems/diseases as they get selfish. People take stress tension, so they do not give attention to their routine work.

Four types of illnesses in 21st century are, peer pressure, depression, anxiety and hyper tension. In my view there should no excessive idle time, as this causes mental stress, restlessness, and uneasiness. There must be activities through which people face mental stress.–The writer is a student