The country was still mourning over the brutality displayed by TTP at Karachi Airport when the mayhem in Lahore started, rocking the country. One cannot imagine this happening in a democratic country, where self-proclaimed democratic leaders are dancing to democratic tunes. This is a matter of shame for the Punjab government and its police, which killed innocent people. They displayed a barbarianism that put the worst kind of criminal to shame. Can the compensation money announced by Chief Minister Punjab, bring back the deceased? Was this a treacherous move, on the part of the government, to keep Dr. Qadri at bay?

Although more sanity was expected from Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, to tackle the situation, he did not act wisely. TV footage showed the police severely and ruthlessly using batons on unarmed civilians. Such uncivilized and uncalled for behaviour by our police must be taken into account by a judicial commission. The man who savagely destroyed many vehicles must be brought to justice and made an example of, so that in the future, no one dares to indulge themselves in such a heinous crime.

It appears that our rulers only want to prolong their rule, as if the life of the common man had no value for them. Earlier, after the terrorist attack at Karachi Airport, instead of offering condolences to the families of the deceased, they greeted the nation with the news of a ‘successful operation’. How far have we fallen?


Islamabad, June 18.