LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the Punjab government has prepared a mega project for providing potable water to the masses and a sum of Rs5 billion has been allocated in the new budget for Saaf Pani Project.

He was talking to the ENTA President, an international company associated with clean drinking water and water treatment, Uzi Sezer. Project of potable water and treatment of polluted industrial water were discussed in the meeting.

“Provision of clean drinking water is essential to protect the people from diseases and therefore the government has set the target to supply clean water to the citizens throughout the province during next four years,” the chief minister added.  Shahbaz Sharif said government was implementing a comprehensive programme of provision of clean water to the people and in its first phase, water filtration plants were being set up in various parts of the province while supply of potable water would be ensured to every citizen during next four years.

The chief minister said installation of modern plants for the treatment of toxic industrial water was essential and cooperation of a Turkish international company in this regard and provision of drinking water to the people would be welcomed.