LONDON-Surrey Palalce, the former home of assassinated Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto is estimated to fetch an amount of approximately £10m next month when it goes up for auction.

Bhutto purchased The Rockwood Estate located in Surrey with her husband Asif Zardari back in 1995. The property has seen a series of upgrades during all these years. According to The London paper Daily Mail, the couple had a master bedroom with a reinforced concrete domed ceiling installed along with a replica of the local pub built in the basement,

The whole property is spread in an area of around 350 acres of Surrey countryside near Godalming with the main home consisting of more than 30 rooms.

There are 11 bedrooms, five bathrooms, a great hall, massive drawing room and a 115-foot terrace which overlooks a pond in the grounds and original features including a wood-paneled study.

A domed master bedroom, which is the size of a small home, was apparently made bombproof with steel and reinforced concrete.

The politicians had always denied buying the mansion, which Pakistan authorities believed was paid for with ill-gotten gains.

Bhutto, who was assassinated in a 2007 bombing in Rawalpindi, claimed that she had never even visited the property.

But Zardari eventually admitted being behind the purchase in 2004, before it was sold for more than £4 million the following year.

 It is believed that the couple have spent huge amount on furnishings, including £120,000 on a dining table.

The property is now a shadow of its former glory and, while livable, it is likely anyone buying it would have it fully restored or knocked down and replaced with a new mansion.

It also has a separate farm, a pool house, two cottages and an airfield complete with hanger and windsock.

The current owners have never lived in the property, which is better known in Karachi as The Surrey Mansion. However it has been rented out with one tenant using it for a number of raves and other events.

The mansion, available in whole or as 12 lots, will be auctioned off on July 4 by Clarke Gammon Wellers at the Radisson Blu in Guildford.

It is expected to sell for around £10 million - with the buyer getting planning permission to replace the main home with a new mansion.

Nick Freeth, from Clarke Gammon Wellers, said “Local people know about the estate and so do people in Pakistan, it made headline news over there. The whole estate would suit someone looking for complete privacy with a lavish lifestyle. Plus it is within 40 minutes of London which is an added advantage. There is also a working airstrip, although I'm not sure I would like to land on it. So far we've had individuals and businesses looking at it. The estate would make a great home but also something like a school.” They must have spent a lot of money on it but it wasn't until 2004 that Zardari admitted they owned it. And Ms Bhutto denied ever even visiting it. “There is a highly sophisticated air-conditioning system which was installed by them and it is thought to have cost £750,000 to install. Heating the place will cost around £13,000 a year so it's not a home for the feint-hearted. But at £10 million it offers good value. This would only get you a four-bedroom home in Mayfair,” he said.