LAHORE - The rising energy prices, increased production costs, lowered productivity and consumer demands for environmentally friendly textile products are some of the challenges forcing textile industry to follow best practices.

Around 43 textile mills in Punjab have been saving more than 11MW by implementing sustainable Energy Management System while an additional 250 MW can be saved if all textile mills implement this energy efficiency system.

The APTMA in cooperation with GIZ designed and launched sustainable Energy Management System (EnMS) project for promoting sustainable energy efficiency in textile mills.  According to Acting Chairman APTMA Punjab Syed Ali Ahsan, the APTMA has set up Sustainable Production Centre (SPC) with the help of GIZ To provide technical and management services on sustainable production related aspects including policy issues, technical & technological solutions for continuous improvement in APTMA member mills. Energy being the issue in the limelight, will be particularly addressed.

APTMA is also providing support to member mills for development of framework for sustainable biomass applications for power generation. Previously, APTMA with the support of GIZ carried out techno economic evaluation for12 MW biomass based power plant in the vicinity of Faisalabad which also included resource assessment and evaluation in 8 districts of Punjab. The power generation potential identified in this study was 1000 MW approx. Apart from biomass, he said, APTMA has also carried out techno economic evaluation to identify solar PV/ thermal potential for power generation in textile industries He said European technology companies have shown interest in undertaking investment for member mills on solar captive power plants  by utilizing daylight energy. Feasibility studies are in progress in two mills.

He said APTMA with the support of GIZ is launching another programme for controlling water wastages, its reuse and improving efficiency in member mills.

Project is expected to commence in January 2015.–Staff Reporter

Acting Chairman APTMA Punjab said the public private partnership for broad base sustainability is need of the hour to grab market access opportunities in particular under GSP plus program for Pakistan.

He further added that APTMA is ready to work with other European organizations for broadbasing these initiatives relating to sustainability and mainstreaming for all sub sectors of textile value chain.