PESHAWAR - Nearly 79,400 tribesmen have so far arrived district Bannu from North Waziristan Agency owing to the army operation against militants there, while thousands others are on way to leave their homes for safer places, officials said on Thursday.

The official data said that a total of 79,400 people comprising 6,300 families have arrived Bannu on the first day of giving relaxation in curfew by government.

However, being close to the North Waziristan Agency, majority of the IDPs have settled Bannu, either living with relatives or in rented houses. Truly, most of the displaced families avoid residing at camps, for different reasons including lack basic facilities at camps, as well as Taliban’s warnings to the tribesmen to avoid living at government-established camps.

Unofficial figures put the numbers of IDPs at thousands, so far arrived downtowns, however, most of them are staying in Bannu, where the government has already vacated government-owned buildings and schools for the purpose, the officials said.

Dozens of IDPs Thursday staged a protest demonstration outside the Bannu Press Club accusing the government of not ensuring basic facilities at camps established for them. They were of the view that it was impossible to shift tribesmen in just three days.

They said that the government must extend the time in this regard, adding that how could it be made possible to relocate thousands of tribesmen from Waziristan in just three days.

According to the political administration, more than 100,000 people have migrated to different areas till now and the registration of IDPs is still underway. Most of the IDPs are now living in district Karak, Bannu, Kohat, D.I. Khan, Tank and Lakki Marwat.

The government has established camps for displaced people at Baka Khel, area of Bannu district, and claims that all basic facilities including tents, food and medicines are being provided to IDPs in the camps.