LAHORE - PML-Q Punjab president Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi has asked the government to stop economic genocide of the farmers and provide them their rights before they (farmers) would take on the fascist rulers.

He made these remarks while addressing a press conference at Muslim League House on Thursday to express s lidarity with the farmers.

He claimed that the government was bent upon economic genocide of the farmers and using brute force against them instead of providing them relief. He added that the rulers had reversed many of the facilities to the farmers provided by him during his stint in power as chief minister of the province.

Pervaiz remarked that the anti-farmer policies of the incumbent government depriving the farmers of full price of wheat, while the power tariff for the farmers was much higher than the preceding years.

The agriculturists who lodged protest against the government had to face baton charge, tear gas and jails.

PML-Q leader said that agriculture which was called backbone of the economy of our country was being destroyed by the rulers under a well-conceived plan.

He added that under the well-conceived plan, potato, tomato and vegetables were being imported from India, while prices of fertilizer and pesticides had been increased enormously and provision of loan for tractors had also been stopped.

Pervaiz said that laboratories established by them for preparation of new seed had also been closed down, no new rice seed has been introduced after 2002.

He added that production cost of rice per acre was Rs 80 thousand, while income was only Rs 40 thousand and cotton income was Rs 2,200 per acre and cost of production was Rs 3,000 last year. The govt had promised to procure 30 lac tons of wheat but procured 20 lac tons of wheat, wheat was lying in the go downs while India was exporting to Afghanistan.