Almost a hundred days after the start of the Panama Leaks investigation, we are now waiting for the Supreme Court to issue their decision. The decision that is being awaited with bated breath all across the length and breadth of this nation, will change the destiny of this impoverished, undereducated, undernourished, underestimated populace. Whether the judges do what is right is the zillion dollar question.

Let’s try to understand how we got here. That military ruler, who was neither a man nor a servant of Allah, but the devil incarnate, left behind his burnt ashes, the two Sharif Brothers, to rule, nay ruin Pakistan, and boy how they  went about their task with a vengeance. The loot and plunder by them and their cohorts over almost three decades has brought Pakistan to its economic knees. The nation is now so burdened with loans, that to think of revival is a wish too far away to be even a dream.

Three times the seat of Prime Minister, five times Chief Minister of Punjab for the younger of the two Sharif’s, and they have nothing to show for their rule, rather misrule, except for poverty, lawlessness and a population which has written off all their dreams of a life of sanity.

But then, not only Zia is to be held responsible but also the erstwhile establishment of this country. They have repeatedly maneuvered the results of the elections to bring about the rule of the Sharif’s and twice giving him a two thirds majority, so that he would have none to check his shenanigans. May he loot and plunder with impunity, may he buy, cajole, threaten and browbeat all those who would stand in his way, this would give them their own freedom to loot without fear or favour.

While the elder brother is mild mannered in public, the younger brother has not stopped wagging his finger at all and sundry, and he went a few thousand steps beyond. Is there any doubt in any ones mind that Punjab is being ruled as a mafia fiefdom by the CM? The stories or facts are too many to bring them down into an article, but just the mention of the Model Town Massacre should convey the scale of the cunning and the cruelty. Is it not a fact that militant and terrorists groups are not only under the patronage and protection of the Sharif’s in Punjab, but also serve as their lighting rod against their opponents, be they be business or political rivals.

Pakistan today stands at the edge of a precipice. The fate of its citizens rests in the pens of the Supreme Court Judges who are hearing the Panama case and are about to give their decision. It is the right time for us to remind these judges as about what the reality is. Mr Nawaz Sharif has in over three speeches changed his story thrice. All those documents that he so shamelessly alluded to in his speech to the Parliament have disappeared in thin air. In their place we have the Qatari Letters. Each and every piece of evidence presented contradicts other presentations. That two young school going boys accumulated enough wealth to buy flats worth thousands of millions of rupees in London puts even Steve Jobs to shame. There is no trail of how this fortune was made available to them, as Mian Sahib’s Tax returns nullify any legitimate source, thus the burden comes back on the father of the these children.

Is it not true that Mr Nawaz Sharif having taken oath to his office, continues to be under oath even now? Thus the old maxim “when you lie under oath, you go to jail”. Nawaz has been caught between his words and the truth. The multiple layers of lies has made the whole nation ashamed of the kind of person leading them as their Prime Minister, yet it does not affect the party or its leaders. As we all know, they are the creations of the establishment and now they have become so big and ruthless that those who created the ghost are running to the caves the moment the two brother look at them.

Thus cometh the hour! The genie that is the mafia house of Sharif, has to be crushed once and for all and no one is better suited to do this service than the court and the lordships hearing the Panama case. The pathological lies of the these two brothers, their almost treasonous activities towards the state of Pakistan, whose one example was the “Dawn Leaks”, their merciless loot of the states exchequer and a nefarious intent to weaken the state’s moral courage, deserves no mercy. As so aptly put by Sheikh Rasheed in his concluding remarks in the Supreme Court, “that while we all have to answer to you in this case, you my Lords have to answer to Allah for your decision.” My Lordship’s “cometh the hour, cometh the men”. May Allah SBT be your guide.