It is discouraging for many students that CSS examination is being done in Urdu. Recently, the Lahore High Court ordered the Federal Public Service Commission (FPPC) to conduct CSS examination in Urdu. Indeed, it is a good initiative to promote our national language but since its inception the FPSC has never given this examination in Urdu. English has always been the medium; our government has also focuses on English, while Urdu has been an optional subject in the CSS examination till now. I wonder why suddenly they look this decision. I am not supporter of English but they fact is that we have been using it in our exams and everywhere. There are a lot of academies of English language in our country but we do not find such training institutes for Urdu. If we want to promote Urdu then we should be united and learn our national language otherwise will be useless to have the evil service examination in Urdu also it is tough for those students who have studied English throughout their career they will face great difficulty at CSS examination if they are asked to use Urdu. Finally, I would love to request the court to take the decision back.

M. USMAN, Balochistan, March 10.