Rash driving on the street is a major problem in Karachi which puts our lives at risk. It is a matter of risk to venture to walk along the streets. It appears that the street was made only for the drivers of the rickshaws, buses, and trucks. While driving, they seem to forget all about the world except themselves. But we cannot subscribe to the view that the streets are meant for them only. All have equal rights on the streets.

Usually, drivers race to beat one another; the drivers try to overtake one another. There have been a large number of accidents recently owing to rash driving.

Besides, the police on duty are of no help to the pedestrians. They cannot be traced when an accident takes place, but are most active when it is over.

Effective measures should be taken to make the drivers drive their vehicles in strict accordance with the traffic rules. The police should be instructed to be more active and more effectively enforced the drivers to follow the traffic rule.


Karachi, March 10.