ISLAMABAD-Islamabad  Electric Supply Company launched a special drive in its 5 circles to fix all open distribution boxes, installation of not properly installed meters, routing of electricity lines over houses,  replacing of cables with insulated conductor wires  in congested areas.

The IESCO spokesman said on Tuesday that the drive was aimed at complete elimination of power theft through illegal ‘kunda’ and ensuring protection to lives of consumers, IESCO staff. He said that almost 85 per cent work had already been completed in this regard. He said that IESCO Chief Chaudhary Shahid Iqbal and Operation Manager Raja Asghar were personally supervising the drive.

He said combing operation was also being carried out in areas of high losses areas to eliminate power theft and overcome technical and administrative losses. Meanwhile, IESCO Chief Ch Shahid Iqbal appreciated continuous efforts of field officers and staff regarding minimising power theft.

The IESCO Chief said some 980 suspicious electricity meters caught on account of electricity theft and defective meters, approximately 1.35 million were units charged besides imposing fine of Rs. 20.3m in March.

Out of 980 meters, 860 meters were found slow, 11 tempered and 6 meter with holes while 103 meters were caught using direct supply.