KARACHI-The People’s Youth Organisation Sindh announced that a long march for the rights of people of Pakistan is just a call away of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto as hundreds of thousands PYO activists are ready for it.

PYO spokesman Taimor Ali Mehar said that they can no more tolerate “what he called” unfounded and fake allegations campaign against Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and PPP leadership.

PTI Ministers have no work to do but to sit in media and criticize PPP leadership because they are scared from the popularity of Chairman Bilawal, he added.

“The criticism on Bilawal Bhutto and PPP Leadership is now unbearable,” he warned. He asked in a statement issued from PYO media cell that how does the federal government know a day before NAB’s actions which PTI ministers are claiming on media. He said that after this how one can believe that NAB is an independent institution. This proves that NAB is using for political victimization against opponents because arresting first and collecting proofs later can’t consider as accountability or justice.

He said that the people are suffering in all areas of life because of high prices of everything. The selection of Imran Niazi was the most bad news for the nation and now the bad news for the nation has become the norm of the PTI government. Inflation is out of control of government and in first time in history not only poor or middle class citizen are in hardship but business community is also become paralyze.

He said that chairman Bilawal Bhutto is very concerned about this nation and he do not want to see the masses without basic necessities and food. On the other hand people love Bilawal Bhutto with the depth of their heart and believe in his dynamic leadership and they can’t bear baseless cases against Chairman and PPP leadership anymore.

He said that Sindh Government is serving the people of Sindh at highest level but Federal Government is trying to take out even gas and water rights from the Sindh government which can’t be bear. He said that Sindh Government’s Ministers are busy serving the people at Bilawal Bhutto’s direction but Federal Ministers working on humiliation only. He said that every member of PYO is Chairman’s guard and we can’t tolerate if anyone passes disgraceful, baseless and fake allegations or remarks.