Five youths alleged sodomised a teenager 1here in Mauza Syed Moosa near Kamalia on Sunday.

According to the Kamalia Saddr Police which registered a case that complainant Sanaullah informed the police that the accused including Mohsin, Samar Iqbal, Zafar and their two unidentified accomplices took away his 16-year-old son Usman with them to some unknown place where they sodomised him after giving him some intoxicants in a soft drink. The police were investigating.

Meanwhile, dacoits took away goats worth hundreds of thousands of rupees from a cattle pen in Chak 278/Jb in Nawan Lahore area the other night.

The police said that three persons came in a numberless car at the cattle pen owned by a farmer namely Muhammad Boota. They locked Boota and his family members in a room and loaded all goats onto the vehicle and sped away.

Dacoits on the rampage:

The dacoits rampaged through the tehsil, depriving citizens of cash, cellphones, and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees in separate incident occurred in different localities across the tehsil here the other day.

According to detail, four unidentified dacoits entered the house of Imran. They held the family hostage and snatched Rs0.7 million from them.

In another incident that occurred in Sagian area, docoits entered the house of one Ghulam Rasool and looted Rs1 million and cellphones.  Similarly near Imamia Colony, two outlaws snatched Rs50,000 and a cellphone from a trader namely Saeed Ahmed. The Ferozewala Police are looking into the matter.