Our Country is living in the middle of a self-created crisis. Our homeland, which was a dream, a mission and then a reality of many great leaders was claimed after many sacrifices, is now facing dark ages.

Thinking about who is responsible for this condition is a waste of energy. It’s high time we find a solution rather than blaming each other! Let us look at our own selves. I say we are the ones who have brought our country to a point when we ourselves don’t want to live in this country. We who actually ruined it don’t want to live here, don’t want to make it better place neither do we want to make it a place worth to live? Many issues, such as pollution, use of plastic bags which block our sewerage, lack of vocational education and undisciplined traffic face us as realities.

Here, however, I would like to address another major menace the menace of Begging. In Pakistan begging has become a profession! Amongst 170 million citizens of Pakistan 25 million are professional beggars, these figures are frightening because of an awareness of danger they portray. Many of the beggars have comfortable standards of living. These beggars earn about Rs1,300 a day or even more. This is many times more than a person on a minimum wage rate in Pakistan and who works for 9 hours a day. It seems that begging is several times better then working? Some of them work in teams like for example if a man does not have any legs of arms he would make a team with a fully able person who carries him around on his back. Then people feel pity on the man who is helpless and give money! This way they make a lot of money! Who is giving the money? If the man who is carrying the helpless man on his back goes and works somewhere, anywhere. That way he would be a help to someone and the man with no legs would not have to hang on his back. We have seen able women carrying children. They are mostly asleep that means that the women, who are carrying the child, have given something the child something which make the child fall asleep for a long time. We feel sorry for the child and give money.

The government should take a stand and stop people from begging. They should hire people give them jobs open good government schools so that people don’t have to beg for money just to fill their children’s stomachs !                    – Malaika Iqbal Saeed