President Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Dr Murtaza Mughal said that delay in construction of Kalabagh dam is a crime as it will suspend economic revival of Pakistan.

He was talking to Rehmat Khan Wardag, President Tehreek-e-Istaqlal on Sunday

He said that it is now responsibility of the incoming government to make an example out of them so that masses can take a sigh of relief otherwise it will risk losing credibility and fail the uphill task of revamping the country’s economy.

Holding politicians responsible for price hike, unemployment, lawlessness and plunder of national exchequer, he said that situation merits immediate accountability process.

On the occasion Wardag said that in order to bridge the demand and supply gap of electricity, the government should set up small dams. Pakistan is an agricultural state but unfortunately, the farmers were being exploited economically, he observed.

He said that new government should implement all the recommendations of Water Vision 2016 to thwart threat of a failed state.

He said that most parties have promised to eliminate corruption therefore those who made it to corridors of power should walk their talk.

“Corruption has been the proverb of the PPP-led coalition government during which the President spent much of his time dodging the Supreme Court’s efforts to reopen corruption cases against him”, he added. These efforts cost him one PM to bring another accused of taking massive kickbacks in rental power scam. Misuse of secret funds, missing containers case, Hajj and ephedrine scams, mysterious suicides by officials probing scams, controversial energy projects, investment deals, public procurement and natural resource exploration must be probed, he demanded. Government must act before masses start questioning the merits of a system that cannot deliver, he warned.

He said plunderers of national wealth should not be spared so that no opportunist can follow their suit in future. The corrupt cabal that ruled country for five years brought economy to its knees and made life impossible for majority deserves no mercy, he said.

He said that masses have voted out incompetent political band known for dysfunction, negligence and mismanagement.