Jamaat-e-Islami candidates for National Assembly and Provincial Assembly have sent their written complaint to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), Fakruddin G Ibrahim against the alleged rigging, manipulation and capturing of polling stations, kicking out the polling agents at gun-point from polling stations, snatching of ballot papers during general elections on May 11th.

According to details, JI candidates for NA-245 Meraj-ul-Huda Siddiqui, candidate for NA-241 Laiq Khan, candidate for NA-252 Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, Naimatullah Khan for NA-250,

Abdul Jameel Khan for NA-255, Asadullah Bhutto for NA-253, Taufeequddin for NA-257, Naseem Siddiqui for PS-101, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman for PS-103 and Nasrullah Khan Shajih for PS-116 among those who lodged a complaint against polls rigging to the CEC.

In the complaint, the JI leaders adopted a view point that the MQM activists with the support of polling staff, law-enforcement agencies and Provincial Election Commission had committed rigging in general elections in various constituencies including NA-257, NA-250, NA-253, NA-251, NA-256, NA-246, NA-249, NA-245.

The JI leaders were of the view that the similar kind of rigging was reported in PS-117, PS-121, PS-113, PS-126, PS-94, PS-95, PS-88, PS-89, PS-125, PS-101 and PS-110. They appealed to the Election Commissioner of Pakistan (ECP) to declare the election results of May 11th null and void and issue order for fresh re-polling in Karachi.