To vent their anger against hours long loadshedding, electricity consumers on Sunday staged protest demonstrations, blocked roads and burnt tyres, and asked the government to stop power outages, otherwise authorities concerned will be responsible if any untoward incident happened in this regard.

The dwellers of Mohmand Abad, Musazai and Badhber areas demonstrated against consistent power breakdown in their respective areas, while Fata students blocked main road at Faqirabad Chowk where they not only chanted slogans but also burnt tyres.

Led by president of Fata Students Federation Bahadar Wazir, the protesting students and locals of the area chanted full throat slogans against Pesco for carrying out hours long loadshedding and alleged that electricity in their respective areas is closed from 18 to 22 hours which they termed injustice. On one hand summer is approaching speedily while on other, power loadshedding has multiplied miseries of the people. Instead of giving relief, the government has made people’s lives difficult and these problems are increasing with each passing day.

Under a pre-planned conspiracy, power breakdown is being carried out in the country. Due to loadshedding, the people are not facing water shortage but industrial production has also been minimised and the labourers there are ultimate suffers, which will lead to increase unemployment in the province, they said. They said moreover it would also create law and order situation in the province.

They said that every time government makes tall claims to overcome power outage but fails every time badly which is regrettable, adding that it was demanded of the PESCO to stop hours long loadshedding in the province and Peshawar; otherwise, they will be left with no option other than to expedite their protests in the province and the government would be responsible if any untoward incident happened in this regard. Later the protesting people dispersed peacefully.

Prolonged power outages paralyse Attock life

Unscheduled and prolonged electricity loadshedding has paralysed routine life while businessmen are the worst hit as their business has come to a standstill.

Almost 16 to 18 hours loadshedding has disturbed routine domestic life. Those running bakeries, hotels, photo shops, photo copier business, and tailoring shops are suffering badly.

Eatables stored in refrigerators have become stale while bakeries proprietors are also suffering a lot as their precious items kept in freezers become stale and useless. The businessmen are passing through great crisis as because of loadshedding they even cannot meet their routine expenses what to talk of profit.

They said this prolonged loadshedding is beyond understanding. The people are mentally disturbed and are becoming psycho patients. Students are also facing problem as they cannot get their breakfast in time, cannot get their uniforms pressed and cannot study properly. Load shedding during night has deprived people of sound sleep thus they have become unable to perform their routine duties because of lack of sleep.