ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is not ready to use common sense and for the third time has changed the dates for holding trial matches for the selection of Pakistan team for the WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championship to be played at Mull House, France from June 9 to 15.

According to press release issued by PSF secretary Abdul Wahab Marwat, the trial matches now would be conducted from May 21 to 24 at Mushaf Ali Mir Squash Complex. Earlier the second phase of trial matches were due to be held on May 13 but the players’ revolt forced the PSF to change the dates to May 18, but despite diplomacy from PSF SVP Razi Nawab, they failed to get desired results. Now the federation has decided to exempt Aamir Atlas Khan from trial matches and conduct matches between Farhan Mahboob, Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Zaman, Danish Atlas, Sh Saqib, Tayyab Aslam and Mansoor Zaman for the three available slots.

Despite several attempts made by this scribe to contact the PSF secretary and to seek his comments on the prevailing situation, he didn’t bother to respond to his calls. The inside sources have confirmed to this scribe that on some certain individuals behest, the federation has decided to play divide and rule game with the players.

“The PSF is forcing players to appear in the trial matches at any cost, ignoring one simple fact that time has already wasted. Now by holding trials on May 21-24, more time will be wasted and it will be the federation’s non-serious attitude that will cost Pakistan dearly in the international event,” the sources said and added: “The players are not ready at any cost to appear in the trial matches, the sources added.”

Talking to this scribe, players, who don’t want to be mentioned, were of the view that if Aamir went through trial matches, then they would also participate in the trials. “If one agrees with the federation’s point of view that Aamir is injured, then he should be sent home. Instead of selecting an injured player, the federation should give priority to a fit player to enhance the chances of the team.”

Another top player, who was so upset with the attitude of the federation, threatened to walk over and move to his native city. “Double standards of the federation is ruining the game just because of these self-styled policies, there are hardly any new comers entering the squash. Players are reluctant to play the game due to some certain individuals who are since long damaging the sport and even no one from the federation is ready to take any action against those who are very powerful and blackmailing the federation,” the player said.

Ever since Razi Nawab and Wahab Marwat have taken the affairs of the federation, they have time and again stressed on giving attention to female squash, but the matter of the fact is that despite having sufficient amount of funds available with the federation, female players are not even considered for the World Team Squash Championship because the so-called well-wishers of squash have inflicted tremendous negativity among the female players. Instead of focusing and giving top priority to the home girls, the PSF just for personal publicity have been importing Maria Toorpakai from Canada, the results of her matches are well known to everyone. Had the federation opted in favour of Sadia Gul, Madina and Faiza Zafar, the results could have been far different as this could be a great opportunity for them to groom and excel at higher level and improve their games and skills.

Short term patching can give results for the time being, but actually these shortcuts are the main reason behind Pakistan’s decline in this particular sport, in which the country had ruled the world for almost four decades. Now Pakistan players find it really tough to beat even Asian opponents, so beating top PSA players is a far cry and there is hardly any ray of hope in the presence of current management.