The PTI office-bearers and workers here protested against the murder of PTI Sindh Vice President Zehra Shahid and alleged that the MQM was involved in her assassination.

PTI local leaders Hamadullah Niazi, Faizullah Kamoka, Farrukh Habib from Tota Pehalwan condemned the murder and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits. They said that the state machinery had totally failed in Karachi and the city had been captured by a gangsters’ party. They added that the party (perhaps MQM) had been in power for the last 25 years but failed to maintain law and order there. They said that in fact the popularity of Tehreek-e-Insaf had become a threat for all the political parties which are what they said main hurdle in the way of positive change. But now, they said, the masses got a good volume of awareness and they cannot be hoodwinked through such tactics.

They criticised the behaviour of the MQM leaders towards re-polling in some polling stations of NA 250 and said that results were changed through ballot-rigging at many constituencies. A many parties have joined hands to stop PTI but the masses would never tolerate such acts based on blackmailing, they added.

The PTI men said that time had come to disclose such elements which do not care the country for their vested interest, and added that Imran Khan would never accept pressure in this regard and would always be the voice of common man.

They condemned the response of MQM towards Imran Khan’s statement over the murder of the PTI leader and said that first of all Altaf Husain should come back and then speak on the national issues. Sitting in the UK, he cannot represent the people of Pakistan, they noted and said that the PTI workers would continue their agitation against alleged rigging. They said that unanimous strategy would be adopted in this regard.