A large number of angry workers and supporters, mostly the youth, organised a peaceful demonstration in the heart ofIslamabadon Sunday to record their protest against the cold-blooded murder of their leader Zehra Shahid inKarachi.

The protesters, mostly the females, gathered in front of the Press Club and marched towards D-Chowk under tight security provided by theIslamabadcapital territory police. They staged a sit-in at the D-Chowk ofIslamabadand peacefully protested against the killing of Zehra. “We want justice. We will keep on protesting until the murderers are arrested,” said Zuhra Imam, a diehard worker of PTI, while talking to The Nation. Sunday’s protest of PTI was a mix of demonstrators belonging to lower-middle class toIslamabad’s elite.

Putting on PTI’s official caps while sweating under the soaring heat, the protestors made it loud and clear that they had taken to streets and roads by their own and that the party leadership did not urge them to stage a sit-in in Islamabad.

“We are here by our own to protest the cold-blooded murder of our brave party leader. There was no call for protest from our party leadership,” Mazhar Niazi, one of those who were leading the protest told TheNation.  The protesters condemned the murder of PTI leader while demanding immediate arrest of the criminals. Meanwhile, the demonstrators demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take notice of blatant riggings in the general elections, saying they will continue the demonstrations until acceptance of their demand. The protesters shouted slogans and waved flags while saying they had come out in support of PTI supporters protesting inLahoreandKarachi, who according to them, faced actual incidents of rigging. Well committed and well educated protesters did not take the law into their hands rather fully cooperated with the traffic sergeants and the police officers who were their to cope with any emergency during the protest.

Protesters told journalists that the gathering was spontaneous and not on the call of any party leader. They, however, said they were prepared for an organized event in case if the PTI leadership issued a formal protest call against rigging.