LAHORE  - The Punjab government wants to demolish Walton Airport, a real national heritage, and wants to convert the airport into a commercial zone for its vested interests.

This was stated by ‘Save Walton, Save Aviation Movement’ Convener Faisal Naveed at a press conference at Walton Airport. Khuram Mujahid, Captain Yasir Rizvi, Captain Mujtuba Sajid and other were also present on the occasion.

Faisal Naveed said LDA and some government officers were presenting a wrong picture to the prime minister, saying that Walton Airport was abandoned.

He said that it was still a functioning airport as many companies were working at this airport. Some of them are manufacturing aircraft while others are offering flying training and air charter services.

“Walton Airport’s total monthly average number of flights is more than Allama Iqbal International Airport’s. Because of its independent runway, airfield and circuit students prefer this airport more than any main airport of Pakistan,” the convener said.

He added that Walton airport produces 60% pilots of Pakistan’s total pilots. “It is also being used for VIP flights. The Department of Plant Protection is also performing its duties from here. Edhi Air Ambulance is used for air ambulance services. This airport is also in use for commercial and air charter services,” Naveed added.

He said Quaid-e-Azam landed here first time after creation of Pakistan and used it till his death. This airport played the role of a lap for the injured and refugees who came from India to Pakistan.