Cara Delevingne thinks applying lipstick is seductive

LONDON - Cara Delevingne has suggested that putting lipstick on is a similar experience to masturbating because both of them are an ‘’intimate experience’’.

The 26-year-old model-and-actress - who is dating Ashley Benson - loves the ‘’intimate experience’’ of ‘’seducing’’ herself by applying a slick of colour to her mouth because it’s such a personal thing to do.

She told Marie Claire: ‘’I love a lipstick in a dark colour like Dior Celestial. You can wear it day and night, and change it from matte to shiny by layering a gloss over the top. I’m someone who eats, talks a lot and is bad at maintaining lipstick, so it’s great because it’s long-lasting

‘’It’s the process of putting [lipstick] on that I enjoy. It’s almost like an intimate experience with yourself, like touching yourself. That sounds a bit weird, ha ha! But it’s almost like you are seducing yourself. You’re putting something on your lips, you’re feeling sexy... it’s empowering.

‘’And it’s not just women; men can wear lipstick, too. It’s something they should do more. There’s nothing as great as putting lipstick on and having it smudged off later.’’

Two years ago, Cara shaved her head to play a cancer patient in upcoming movie ‘Life In a Year’ and she admitted it taught her a lot about beauty and her own femininity.

She said: ‘’Shaving it all off was a big leap of faith into my own exploration of femininity. It didn’t mean that I wasn’t beautiful. I learned you don’t need hair to be a woman and that my previous beauty ideals weren’t true.’’

While she is known for her bushy eyebrows, the ‘Suicide Squad’ star didn’t believe her mother when she always told her they were her ‘’best feature’’ because so many people mocked her for them.

She added: ‘’I wanted to make them smaller. Of course if you’re being told that you have something horrible on your face you’re going to want to change it, but I’m glad that I listened to her.’ ‘’

Laura Dern’s role responsibility

CALIFORNIA - Laura Dern felt a ‘’moral obligation’’ to ‘’get it right’’ with ‘Trial By Fire’ because she was playing a real person.

The 52-year-old actress plays Elizabeth Gilbert, who became an advocate for Cameron Todd Willingham (Jack O’Connell) in director Ed Zwick’s true life tale and though she didn’t get to meet the playwright before getting into character, she was grateful that she engaged in a ‘’great deal of correspondence’’ with her and was able to offer support and guidance on the story because of the added pressure of playing a real person.

She said: ‘’There’s a moral obligation with a living person that you want to get it right. ‘’You know that they’re going to understand at some point that there is some license of invention because you’re having to presume how someone else feels, and sometimes even your family can’t know that. Liz Gilbert was patient [with that], thank god, and she’s also a playwright, so she really understands how it works, but she also understood my intent, Jack O’Connell’s intent and Ed Zwick’s intent.