Islamabad - As cold weather is getting intense in the twin cities, peanut sellers have started making high profit on this dry fruit.

Acoording to a report, pushcart vendors are seen selling the seasonal delight at every corner of the twin cities.

There is no specific age group of peanut lovers as everyone including children, youngsters, middle aged or older people cannot stop their hands until they finished the peanuts serving placed in front of them. The festival season is the biggest season for the ground nuts business and all types of them are in high demand. Peanuts are not only tasty but also nutritious and provide necessary energy to the body.

Many vendors serve passers-by hot peanuts on their wooden carts on roads.

A peanut vendor Hamid Khan, said people crave hot and spicy peanuts in the cold weather and since their price is economical the demand is high. Children particularly prefer to have these nuts in winter, said Fakhra Mukhtar.

Though peanuts remained favorite dry fruit for entertainment during gossiping around sessions or watching TV in chilly evenings, she added.

According to a shopkeeper they earn more money in winter season from peanut as they sell four thousand bags in the whole month.

From morning till night people come here and they buy mostly peanuts, he added. Peanuts have strong association with the winter season. Most of the people like to eat peanuts to enjoy the season a wholesaler.

According to health experts the peanuts have many nutrients and it carries more quantity of calcium which is useful for the old age persons. Peanuts contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E which can prevent signs of aging like wrinkles spots and fine lines they added.