KARACHI - The Sindh High Court (SHC) Monday sought the implementation report and setting up of consumer courts by ordering the parties concerned to submit their replies in the court by December 11.

The division bench - headed by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar accepted the petition of Ali Shahzad - who submitted that despite the court orders consumer courts are not being established in the province.

Justice Mazhar remarked the consumer courts have been established in six division of the province at which the petitioner stated these courts are not working effectively to ensure the rights of the consumers.

Petitioner said that two minors were killed after eating at a restaurant in Karachi and prayed the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) and others should be directed to submit the report

Bench head, however remarked that consumers courts and the SFA are two different things and stated that court would take up the issue of killing of two children once it receive the reply of notice.

In hearing of consumer courts in a separate petition, the Sindh government told the court that consumer courts are established in the divisional headquarters in the first phase for which 47 million worth of funds were released.

The government stated that provincial authorities have requested the registrar of SHC for appointing magistrates in these courts by forwarding the written request.

Meanwhile, a petition was filed in the SHC against Sindh Food Authority (SFA) which has been fixed for hearing on November 20. The petition filed by a restaurant owner which was sealed by SFA after killing of two children who had dinner at the said eating outlet.

The petition filed through Bahzad Advocate submitted that SFA has launched a media campaign against it by presenting the facts contrary to the reality. Petitioner stated that management closed down the restaurant itself after the tragic incident and disputed the claim of SFA that it took the action to seal the restaurant.

Petitioner stated SFA started the campaign the restaurant by releasing the footages to media and prayed the court to restrain the authority from doing such act. The provincial should government set up the consumer court in every district of the province, he pleaded.